Independent Delivery Contractors

Home Delivery and Retail Single Copy have been combined

    Publisher becomes 100% hands off.  Independently contracted Distributors can now manage Home Delivery and Single Copy distribution with the same software product. 
    The Contractor configures the software to operate Home Delivery or configures it to manage Retail Single Copy deliveries.  Our software allows for any combination of either or both disciplines.    

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Newspaper Delivery Solutions

    Since 1981 our staff has been actively involved in changing how agents work and redefine the paperwork process in the field. 
    We were the pioneer of electronic mail transfer for home delivery.  Our efforts have automated the whole communication process from manual systems to fully electronic mail. 
    Our solutions help relieve the chaos and stress of newspaper tracking and lowers operating cost for both the publishers and agents.  Our solutions allow any publisher or any combination of publishers to establish a agents database. 
Our web-based solutions distribute and track all newspapers

from the publisher's shipping docks to the final destinations.  All web information like customer status, and route lists are available via iPhone, Blackberry, eReaders, GPS or other web access cell phones.

We provide the following

Home Delivery Management
with routing
Redelivery Tracking and Cellular
Paging System
Publisher data replication on the
internet for agents
Retail and Single Copy
Transportation tracking in the

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Delivery Technologies

   Our online solutions are designed to leverage the newest technologies to make delivering publications easier.
    With a secure, redundant and reliable system our software integrates with eBooks, GPS systems and cell phones with Internet access.

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Cell Phones with Internet Access

Text Readers

GPS Support