Home Delivery and Retail Single Copy have been combined for Independent Delivery Contractors.  The Publisher becomes 100% hands off.  Independently contracted Distributors can now manage Home Delivery and Single Copy distribution with the same software product.  The Contractor configures the software to operate Home Delivery or configures it to manage Retail Single Copy deliveries. 

Our software allows for any combination of either or both disciplines.  Those that manage both now have the advantage of summary reports that combine daily draw and return information into one report.  Both disciplines are supported by the Distributors address router.  Route Lists, including delivery instructions are maintained at the field distributor level.  The system can actually combine Home Delivery and Single Copy deliveries on common carrier delivery lists. 

Starts, Stops, Vac Packs, Complaints, Messages as well as Single Copy draw changes, returns, and invoicing are routed through our web based system and managed by the local distributor.  The eXpert Networks program is compatible with most Publisher operating systems including (CJ/PBS).

The Home Delivery Management System is a software solution that receives all the daily transactions from the Publisher or a collection of Publishers and ports the data to each Agent.  The processing of mail is reduced to a minimal task each day.  This system integrates with Retail single Copy distribution as necessary to support combo deliveries.

The Redelivery Tracking and Cellular paging system is a real time Message White Board (MWB).  It imports in real time all the daily calls from customers through Customer Service and posts them to an active web page.  This page displays all calls with time called and why they called.  Each call on the page links to the exact customer and shows previous history in real time.  The web page also calls and sends text messages to the redelivery staff sorted by zip code or route number.

The Publisher Data Replication on Internet for Agents the Parser maintains an exact copy of the Publishers customer list on the internet by Agent.  This allows the Agent to review what the Publisher has on its system.  It also allows the Agents to process changes that get e-mailed back to customer maintenance for corrections.  This module lets the Agent create their own complaints and messages to the carriers which show up on carrier mail top wraps each day.

The Agent Payroll system tracks all paper quantities, days delivered, inserts, complaint service, tips and Vacation packs for payroll purposes.  The module prints pay reports and can transfer to QuickBooks for payroll deductions and final check processing.
The Retail and Single Copy Management system tracks all draws and sales of newspapers in racks and stores.  It will support iControl and Nexxus invoice tracking.  It produces the route lists, return sheets and optimizes draw control to match the Publishers return criteria.  It integrates with Home Delivery as necessary.

Transportation Tracking in the field via the Web estimates truck times and sends shortage information back to transportation for secondary fulfillment.  This is a website that allows the Agents to enter shortages and the entries are e-mailed back to transportation.