Workstations available anywhere

Microsoft Terminal Services

    Terminal Services is a virtualization technology that allows users to access a remote workstation from anywhere with internet access.  Our servers allow your Delivery Agents and managers a safe and secure desktop that is free from viruses and spyware and maintained by our staff 24x7x365.  From a user perspective it looks like a normal Windows desktop with all the features they need but it is accessible from home, work or out of town.  Our system is safe from theft, hardware failure and neglect.  We also backup all of your data daily so that critical information is persevered.  Terminal services is compatible with Windows 2000/XP/Vista/7 as well as Mac.  XNI Newspaper Delivery Management Systems are designed to give your people the quality and reliability they need to delivery their publications every day.

Solutions on the go

Portable Delivery Solutions

    Publication portable delivery technology has come a long way in recent years.  XNI's Products are designed to integrate with those technologies to save time and allow your agents more flexibility in running their business.  Access our parsing system via a web browser phone, get GPS directions for delivery, or use an eBook to help with delivery.  Our services integrate with the following technology.

Cell Phones with Internet Access

Text Readers

GPS Support